Box 364, 2 Crawford Dr, Marmora And Lake, Ontario, Canada

June 7-10 2018

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Information about our 2018 event

Thursday Night June 7th

Franny & Beeb'z 6pm - 9pm

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.What started out as a good time sharing music with friends in Beeb’z Breezeway and has now taken over his garage and entire driveway. The Show has become well known in the community as well as Worldwide. Their Weekly Show every Tuesday Evening at 7pm has become a hit with local musicians and music lovers in Canada, United States and around the world. Thousands of people tune in to listen to local music entertainers, bands, legends and to see just what Franny, Beebz and Fred might have up their sleeve. No doubt about it though, you are guaranteed to see amazing entertainment from local favorites to those you may have never heard before. To see Franny & Beeb'z on facebook click here

Friday Night June 8

Freddy Vette 9PM - 10:30PM

Freddy Vette & His Rhinestones Plowboys, keeping traditional country music alive, one hit at a time! Directly from the era of the greatest country music of all time, out step Freddy Vette & His Rhinestone Plowboys!

Freddy Vette, usually rocking and rolling, has returned to his roots with a new 5 piece band. Back to the music he first started playing 30 years ago. The music of Hank Williams, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and more! Traditional Country Music, crying steel guitar, heartbreak harmonies, Rhinestone suits, just as nature intended. To hear some of Freddy Vette and Rhinestone Plowboys click here

David Byrski 8PM - 9PM

 David Byrski’s love of music began early in life and has continued to grow while playing a variety of instruments in a number of country, rock, blues and jazz bands. He claims that Mark Chestnutt has been a major influence in shaping his country voice.  To hear some of David click here

Mitch Barker 7PM - 8PM

To hear some of Mitch click here

Jackie Fraser 6PM - 7PM


‘I was born and raised in Marmora and am the 7th out of 9 children. I am now married with 2 children, my daughter plays the violin.  I’ve spent a lot of weekends around the campfire or in the kitchen playing and singing many times with my father and brother who play the guitar.

I have been entertaining for 28 years playing music at churches, nursing homes, fundraisers, legions, Lions Clubs, private parties and have participated in several local jamborees from Kingston to Lindsay.  

Norma Jeanne & Greg 4:30PM - 5PM

To hear some of Norma Jeanne & Greg  click here 

The Rodgers Boys 4PM-4:30PM

Doug Quinn 3PM - 4PM

Gord Youmans & Friends 2PM - 2:45PM

To hear some of Gord click here

Zack ( Larry Zachariah) 1:30PM - 2PM

Terry Lyman along with Zach 1PM - 1:30PM

Jackie Brown 12:30PM - 1PM

Open Mic 11AM - 12:30PM

Saturday Night June 9

Open Mic 10PM - 11PM

DJ Rowatt aka Dean James 8:45PM - 10PM

Dean James is an award‐winning Country Singer/Songwriter and Nashville recording Artist. He has been referred to as a walking country music Jukebox with no limits on his performance; from dancing on the bar in his white snake‐skin cowboy boots to his intimate solo acoustic performances.    Dean's lifelong passion shows through in every song he sings. His energy on the stage keeps people dancing and singing along for hours. To hear some of DJ click here

Missy Knott 8PM - 8:45PM

To hear some of Missy click here

Scotty Gartshore 7PM - 8PM


Scotty Gartshore was born and raised in Minden Ontario and grew up in a home filled with Country Music. 

Music went on the back burner for a while as he raised his family, but in 2010 he got back to singing and writing the music he so dearly loves. To hear some of Scotty click here

Ginny Mcllmoyle 6PM - 7PM

New Generation Seaboyer Band 4:30PM - 5:15PM


Ken Seaboyer, Shannon Seaboyer, Kenneth Seaboyer, Ashley Seaboyer Kevin Hornsby, Glenn Smith

From Havelock Ontario, Canada 

To get a taste of their music click here

Raglan Road 3:30PM - 4:15PM

Hungerford Station 2:30PM - 3:15PM

Hungerford Station is a versatile, high energy band, local to the Quinte area. We play everything from country to classic rock. We've been around a long time, formerly as South of Seven Hightest. A big venue or small, we can do it all!!  To hear some of Hungerford Station click here

David Bush 1:45PM - 2:15PM

Dave Bush is a one man act that is sure to put a smile on your face. His wacky outlook at life's struggles provides inspiration to his songs and performances. The cost of raising kids,  menopause and even lazy teenagers all come together in songs that everyone can relate to and laugh at.  Song titles include "Four Kids For Sale or Rent",  " Dear Sweet Jesus I Want To Go To Jail "  and the always popular "I Went Home With The Old Town Hussie".   It's part stand up comedy and part singing but it's all good fun.  A local lad from Stirling, Ontario who has thousands of Facebook followers from all around the world. To hear some of Dave click here

Hal & Jenny Allison 1PM - 1:45PM

Hal started out playing with a trio called "The Gleasonaires" in 1968. He toured Ontario and the East Coast for the next five years, headlining and also as a back-up group for other singers. He recorded and did some T.V. appearances during that time. His focus now is mainly for the Senior Groups, Legions and for special events .

John Arthur Milner 12:30PM - 1PM

As a child growing up in Picton, yes a county boy,  there was always some form of music going on whether it was from a radio or from friends of my dad who would come over to our house and play music. I started my music career doing some of the old rock & roll songs from the late fifties and early sixties and still like to throw them in whenever I get the chance. Gradually I switched over to Country which has always been my favorite type of music   My music influences through the years have been mostly country with George Strait, George Jones, Conway Twitty and Terry Sumsion  just to name a few. I recently started playing the Bass Guitar and enjoy it very much.

Rick Foster 12PM - 12:30PM

Steve Smith 11:30AM - 12PM

Kyle Mitchell 11AM - 11:30AM

Sunday June 10

Penny Scaife 1:30PM - 2PM

Born and raised near Bancroft area, growing up on the old country classics, I would sit and listen for hours when family and friends came for a jam.   Now my dreams have come true to be playing and singing good old country music. 

To hear some of Penny click here

Dianne Dupuis 1PM - 1:30PM

Sweet Grass (Gospel Sound) 11AM - 12:30PM


We are working hard to set up a very exciting and entertaining line up for 2018.    Click below to sign up for updates.